Visit NNU

What to know before you visit

When is the best time to come to campus?

You should definitely come during the academic year when you can see and experience NNU in action!

What should I bring on my campus visit?

If you are staying overnight in the dorms, please plan to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towels, and necessary toiletries. If you are coming for a day visit, plan to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking around campus. Idaho's weather can change quickly in the course of an hour or two, so layered clothing works best.

Where can I park on campus during my visit, and do I need a parking permit?

Guests may park in any of the parking lots or streets on campus. Examine a campus map for exact locations. Parking is free and there is no need to obtain a guest pass.

Can parents participate in the visit events?

Yes! Parents are welcome to attend any and all visit events/activities taking place; in fact, we encourage you to participate! The process of visiting college campuses is as important for parents as it is for students. At NNU we invite students and parents to talk about what they want to do together and separately during the campus visit. One student may love having dad along throughout the entire day, but another student may prefer to visit campus by himself. Ultimately, we want both student and parent to feel comfortable with the environment in which they choose to spend the next few years of their life because these years are pivotal in the shaping and developing of each student's world view and values. Overnight dorm housing is not available for parents. Parents can stay in the Alumni House if available, or contact our Campus Visit Coordinator at 208-467-8496 for local hotel recommendations.

What is the closest airport to NNU?

Boise International Airport is approximately 30 minutes from campus and accepts flights from most major airlines.

Does NNU provide transportation to and from the airport?

Yes, airport transportation is available! Before purchasing your tickets, please contact our Campus Visit Coordinator to confirm that a shuttle will be available on the date of your flight(s). NNU's shuttles operate between the hours of 8am - 9pm.