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NNU offers a variety of programs that allow students to expand their education beyond the campus. Whether participating in programs across the U.S. or across the globe, students can study, serve, and see many different parts of the world through several opportunities offered through NNU’s Study Abroad Program including:

  • Studying internationally for a full-semester at one of many partner universities
  • Taking part in an international semester-long program led by an NNU professor with a cohort of NNU peers
  • Participating in a university-sponsored service trip
  • Enrolling in a class that includes a one- to two-week study excursion to either a national or international destination as part of the course

Opportunities abound in places like Washington D.C., Nashville, Los Angeles, South Korea, China, Thailand, Costa Rica, Uganda, Kenya, England, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Jordan, Africa, Australia, and Romania.

In addition to the obvious benefits studying abroad provides including enhancing your education, widening your world view, and increasing your employability, approved international travel and semester abroad experiences may fulfill NNU’s cross cultural requirement needed for graduation.

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The NNU Study Abroad Office is available to assist in planning study abroad experiences. For questions regarding Financial Aid, Transfer of Credits, Graduation Dates and general advising regarding NNU Study Abroad options, please contact

NNU Study Abroad Partners

NNU partners with several entities of higher education and study abroad organizations. Please see the variety of options available in the Study Abroad and Off-Campus Study Opportunities section of the course catalog.

Studying abroad in Costa Rica was unlike any experience I've had before. I got to meet new people who are now my very close friends, live in a different culture, and learn about biology in the greatest setting possible. I was outside for a lot of my classes, going on hikes or traveling around the country. I very highly recommend studying abroad to anyone who can do it. The world has so much to offer, and it would be a shame to never experience anything outside of our own bubble. —Vanessa Beane

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