Service & Mission

Service and Mission

Service is a big part of life at NNU, whether that be on our campus, in the local Boise Valley or overseas. We believe in making the world a better place and are constantly striving to make that happen.

Service Opportunities

Join a Club

Join a service club on campus or participate in one of the many opportunities throughout the year to serve the community in the surrounding Boise Valley. You can get involved with a club that has a service-focused mission.

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Cornerstone Class

This unique course introduces first-year students to NNU’s mission: Enable each student to become God’s creative and redemptive agent in the world. Students are consistently cultivating service throughout the semester.

Mission Trips

Travel abroad and experience service firsthand. These trips will push you and give you a different perspective as you see the world through a service-focused lens.

Serve Week

A week in the fall semester when students commit to serving and showing God’s love to the community.

In the community: social work

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Inspiring students through international experiences

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Students cultivating service in Cornerstone

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