Honors College

The Honors College offers a unique, interdisciplinary educational experience for students who meet the academic qualifications and who desire stimulating participation in small, challenging classes. Honors College students enjoy innovative seminar-style classes taught by the university’s top professors. Freshman and sophomore Honors classes fulfill many of the general education requirements, and the program culminates with a discipline-specific Honors thesis.

About NNU's Honors College

Get an in-depth look at NNU's Honor's College and find out if it a challenge you want to undertake as a student.

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Course Sequencing

Review the schedule that lays out the courses that you will take during each semester of the Honors College at NNU.

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Admission Requirements

See if you qualify for admittance into the Honor's College.

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The Honors College is located in Williams Hall.

The challenges of the Honors College have caused me to look deeper at subject matter that I hadn't delved into before.
—Ethan Brandt (class of 2017)