NNU is all about community. Truly. If you ask nearly anyone on campus to define the spirit of this university, their answer will inevitably come back to NNU’s unique community. What that means for you is historical (and hysterical) student traditions to join in, rich spiritual life where you can grow in your faith with fellow believers, and a place to build real relationships with other students and faculty alike.

From WeekOne, where new students are embraced with crazy scavenger hunts and roller scamming to TWIRP, a group date with 200+ couples, to Mr. NNU, a pageant for guys—NNU has a long history of amazing campus traditions.

Find out what’s happening on campus now.

NNU students have a myriad of opportunities to stretch their faith in a supportive community. Chapel is offered three times a week and Time Out, a student-organized service, is once a week on Wednesday night.

Listen in on a chapel recording.

Relationships are the heart of NNU. You’ll build friendships that will last a lifetime and be mentored academically, personally and spiritually by incredible teachers. The faculty really do want to get to know you—your passions, your dreams, your gifts—and help you develop into the best version of yourself.

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