Summer Ministry Groups

Covenant & Witness

What’s more fun than a summer filled with camp-hopping, worship-leading, youth-group-supporting, service-project-doing adventure? Well, if we’re being completely honest, not much!

NNU has two ministry groups who can’t wait to get on the road and do just that. These groups, made up of high-energy, big-hearted, Christ-loving, incredibly-talented college students, are counting the days until they get to come and support your church, youth group or summer camp.

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Meet Witness

Witness is a service-focused team that is made up of creative, fun, energetic students who aren’t afraid to get dirty as they work in the trenches of camp and journey alongside junior and senior high school students in their spiritual walks. You might find them serving as cabin leaders, supporting churches in service projects, leading cabin devotionals or even filling water balloons for an epic water war.

Travel Schedule


Home Church: Leavenworth Church of the Nazarene
Fun Fact: I'm Left-handed.


Home Church: Valley Shepherd Church of the Nazarene
Fun Fact: I’m a zookeeper intern at the Boise Zoo and I really want to work to save endangered species.


Home Church: Christian International Church (South Korea)
Fun Fact(s): I was a missionary kid in South Korea for 15 years, my eighth great grandma is Pocahontas, and I have a twin brother who also attends NNU.


Home Church: Tree City Church of the Nazarene
Fun Fact: I’ve been a part of NNU forensics, choir, and theatre while on campus.


Home Church: Real Life Church of the Nazarene
Fun Fact: I love rock climbing!


Home Church: Real Life Church of the Nazarene
Fun Fact: I run track for NNU!


Home Church: Real Life Church of the Nazarene
Fun Fact: I can fit 85 baby carrots in my mouth. (World Record)


Home Church: Hillcrest Church of the Nazarene; Anchorage, Alaska
Fun Fact: I once was on a flight Singapore for 14 hours and never got up. Not even once.

Witness Travel Schedule

No official schedule yet! Request Witness to come visit your church or camp.

Meet Covenant

Covenant is made up of eight amazingly-gifted musicians who love the Lord and love kids. They are available to lead worship at your church or camp, hold concerts, hang out with your youth group or serve as cabin leaders while sharing their gifts in music to enhance the camp experience.


Home Church: The Pursuit (Boise, ID)
Fun Fact: He's a huge Disney fan! Hakuna Matata!


Home Church: Sandpoint COTN (Sandpoint, ID)
Fun Fact: He's from the greatest town in the world.


Home Church: Nampa First COTN (Nampa, ID)
Fun Fact: She can wiggle her ears, has a color-changing birthmark on her wrist, and she's cuddled with tigers in Thailand.


Home Church: West Valley COTN (Yakima, WA)
Fun Fact: She loves elephants and has proof that they love her back!


Home Church: Weiser COTN (Weiser, ID)
Fun Fact: He was a cheerleader in high school and won the 3a Idaho State title in his junior year.


Home Church: Kent Hillside COTN (Kent, WA)
Fun Fact: He has gone to Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, and Thailand for mission trips.


Home Church: Centralia Community Church of God (Centralia, WA)
Fun Fact: Go Hawks! (Nighthawks and Seahawks)


Home Church: Tree City COTN (Meridian ID)
Fun Fact: One time, she ate a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream before doing a CrossFit workout and didn't throw up.

Covenant Travel Schedule

No official schedule yet! Request Covenant to come visit your church or camp.