Working in mass comm: Jeremy Wiese, NLC Productions

Last Updated 28 April, 2017

2008 mass comm alumnus Jeremy Wiese is currently the Creative Director of Northwest Lineman College Productions, a full-service video production company specializing in training videos for the power delivery industry.

Q. What do you do as Creative Director of Northwest Lineman College Productions and what do you love about your job?
A. I have been at NLC for 7.5 years and still love my job. As Creative Director, I work with Senior Leadership, Marketing, and Curriculum Development to scope out video projects and then, with my team, execute the production of each project from creative concept to final edit. We do everything from scripting to producing, directing, lighting, shooting, audio, editing, motion graphics, and final delivery. To be successful in the corporate media world, you have to be a one-man-band of sorts and know and understand all the major tasks related to production.

Even though being a one-man-band can be challenging, I do love that I always get to do something different. One day I might be writing a script in my office, but the next I might be shooting video high up in the air from a bucket truck, or conducting an interview in the studio. Another thing I love about my job is that I get to do video production for a company that is bettering people’s lives.

Q. I heard you are currently working with your brother, Josh. What has it been like to work with your brother in the same field and at the same company?
A. Many people tell me that they could never work with their brother, but I really enjoy it. We work very well together. We are just different enough that we bring unique ideas to the table, but similar enough where we often know what the other is thinking and we can shift what we are doing at just the right time without even having to verbalize it to fulfill a common goal.

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself as an NNU student.
A. I loved my degree in video and film production and poured myself into it as much as possible while at NNU. I participated in all the department projects I could and even started doing projects just for the experience with other students in the program. Arnie Ytreeide was my primary professor and most everything I learned about the industry came from him. He has a huge wealth of experience and information to share.

Arnie dreams big. He didn’t see our lack of experience as a limitation, but rather looked at our passion and gave us big opportunities to put into place what he was teaching through projects such as directing An Idaho Family Christmas for KTVB and departmental film projects. He often had what he called “BHAG’s” “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”. He brought the students into them and together we did all we could to accomplish them.

Q. What advice would you give to prospective students looking at NNU and considering their future careers in a mass communication field?
A. If you apply yourself in school, treat college as job preparation, get all the experience you can and build up your knowledge, skills, and resume, you can actually beat out long term veterans in the industry who maybe aren’t applying themselves as much as they could. But no matter where you go to school, don’t go until you are ready to prepare for a job. Too many people jump straight into college like it’s their second high school and they don’t treat it like job preparation. The other thing I’d say is JOB SHADOW, JOB SHADOW, JOB SHADOW. Many people assume they will like a particular line of work without actually job shadowing someone who is doing that kind of job now.

Q. How did your time at NNU prepare you for your current position?
A. If I had to pick a few words that described what I learned at NNU that benefits me now it would be ownership, creativity, and self-motivation. While at NNU, Professor Ytreeide challenged us with BHAG’s and so I began to challenge myself. I took ideas to the extreme and wasn’t satisfied with thinking small. This requires creativity. I came up with huge ideas and then tailored them until they were just barely accomplishable.

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Story photos courtesy of Josh and Jeremy Wiese // NLC Productions
Facebook photo courtesy of Chris Vanderschaaf