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Value by design

Last Updated 27 February, 2015

James Snyder graduated from NNU in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design. Back then, he probably couldn’t have told you that in just a few short years he’d be working with a client list that includes some of the biggest names in the media world.
As a designer for Nampa-based Curious Media, James works on game and website conceptualization, graphic and user interface design and content illustration. “I’ve gotten to work on a number of different projects for clients like Disney, PBS Kids and Scholastic, to name a few. It’s a ton of fun designing for kids and working with such a talented team of designers and developers.”

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James looks back on his time studying at NNU as being key for preparing him to succeed in his field. In fact, he’s now come back to help the department as an adjunct instructor leading classes in web design and illustration. He credits the curriculum’s broad approach to understanding design elements in different forms for setting his education apart. “It's really about figuring out your audience and what they need to get out of your design. NNU's art and design programs really instill that in everything, the benefit being that it can be applied everywhere, even if you’re doing something you didn't specifically study in school.”

Despite his excellent career progress so far, James still feels a desire to serve through his skillset by striking out on different freelance projects. One of his most recent endeavors has been branding a website redesign for Wipe Every Tear, an organization that helps the victims of sex trafficking around the world. In the process, the organization’s founder invited James to travel with a team to the Philippines. “I went with eight other people to document the ministry. It was amazing and eye opening for sure. It was seriously heartbreaking to see some of the things we did, but at the same time the Spirit is moving in a huge way over there!”

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James’ work in the industry has already exposed him to a world of ideas and concepts that continue to help him grow as an artist; however, he credits his time at NNU for helping him understand that everything he achieves professionally and personally is in partnership with the work of God in his life.
“I try to approach every project the same way. I want to deliver something I feel good about that also meets to the exact needs of that particular client. It's not so much about designing for a big company like Disney, or a non-profit like Wipe Every Tear, as much as it is to design with integrity and purpose, knowing that I give God creative control of everything I design.”

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