The deeper value of an NNU education: An NNU parent perspective

Last Updated 29 April, 2015

“While we are both NNU alumni, we encouraged our daughters to look around and consider many options before making their college decisions. We were pleasantly surprised when not just one, but both, of our girls decided to make NNU their home for four years,” shared Chris and Debbie Jenson, parents of both a current sophomore and a junior. 

The Jensons found that the experience they had as students at NNU is still holding true for their children: NNU offers an education that goes well beyond the classroom and a value much deeper than just developing a marketable skill set.

“The overriding benefit for our daughters in their choice was the sense of community they encountered whenever they visited campus and spoke with current students.” That sense of community has more than materialized for the girls now as students. They’ve participated in “student government and senate, resident assistant, forensic team, teacher’s assistant and a myriad of campus activities in addition to their rigorous course work.” 

Although college is primarily about academics and career preparation, parents who only consider those factors when helping guide their students’ college decisions miss an opportunity to extract the full value out of their investment. Even the extracurriculars available don’t sum up what sets NNU apart. 

As parents, we know the true benefit of NNU goes beyond its community.