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The best time of your life

Last Updated 12 August, 2014

Have you ever wondered why the college years are often referred to as the best years of your life? NNU students and alumni who have had the privilege of being part of an NNU summer travel group will tell you that this one college experience is completely life-changing. It is packed full of memories—good and bad—of concerts, home stays and cabins full of crazy (and sometimes smelly) junior high students; it’s a constant lesson in relationships; and provides incredible opportunities for mental, emotional and spiritual growth that shape who you become as an adult. Lucas Lyon, a 2014 travel group member, summarizes the experience by saying, “It’s the best time of your life.”

For over six decades, NNU summer travel groups have been traveling the Northwest (and often the world) representing the university and the Lord through music, drama, camp ministry and hidden talents that tend to come to the surface when put under pressure to perform and serve. Over the years the group names and number of members have fluctuated. This year NNU has two groups: Covenant and Witness. Covenant is primarily a musical group, taking their ministry to churches and church camps. Witness focuses on church camp ministry and building relationships with teens.

The rigorous audition process for travel groups takes place in the middle of the school year, allowing plenty of time during spring semester for training and rehearsing. When summer arrives, the groups are ready to hit the road! Over the course of the summer they will be camp counselors, Sunday School teachers and worship leaders; they will share their personal testimony almost daily, perform up to 50-60 concerts, do odd jobs of service like K.P. duty and travel thousands of miles crammed in a 12 passenger van with half a dozen of their closest friends. 

While most people see the life of a travel group member as glamorous, the truth is, the bonding and growth that takes place over the summer often happens because members have to deal with challenging and difficult situations and conflict within group relationships, all while running on empty. The end result of this testing by fire is generally maturity, an expanded perspective on life, closer relationships and spiritual and emotional growth. These benefits alone are enough for NNU’s students and alumni to consider college, and especially summers spent traveling, the best time of their lives.

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