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Supported to succeed

Last Updated 20 October, 2015

Junior nursing major Janie Weaver is not the typical college student. She is a two-time transfer student back at college after a hiatus of many years. As a mom of eight kids ranging from ages five to 21, going back to school hasn’t been an easy journey. 

“I’ve always wanted to go back to school, so I finally took the leap when my oldest graduated from high school. We went to college together.” 

But that experience wasn’t everything that Janie had hoped for. The challenges of trying to make academic progress at the state university she initially chose were discouraging academically, personally and financially.

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​“At my other school, I just kept paying more and more, yet it was taking longer and longer; the requirements kept changing. It wasn’t that much more affordable for what I was getting. While I might be paying more at NNU, I’m getting so much more for that money.” 

When she transferred to NNU, the contrast was stark. “My other school was okay, but it wasn’t like NNU. They didn’t really care about me, and it just didn’t feel right. The professors at NNU are so wonderful. They actually care. They guide you and help you. The atmosphere is so much better, people are kind and considerate and warm.”

Janie is now making good progress through the nursing program and on track to graduate in 2015 despite her crazy schedule and a family medical crisis this past fall. Her professors responded to her situation personally by pacing courses so she could keep up. This kind of personal care and attention is unique and speaks to NNU’s commitment to help students graduate on time. 

“If I was still somewhere else I would never be finishing. I would have gotten discouraged long ago,” Janie shares. “At NNU, I get emotional support, financial support and academic support. That is worth every penny.” 

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