Summer bucket list for your high school senior

Last Updated 8 May, 2015

by Jenny Fultz, Parent

After diplomas are handed out and caps are tossed, when the open houses and parties have all died down, you have just a few short weeks left with your high school graduate.

Here’s how to make the most of the days before college orientation:

1. Make an appointment with the family doctor. Get current records on medications, immunizations, allergies and significant medical issues.

2. Take him for one last great haircut. Chances are, his dorm neighbor will be giving him his next one… or ten.

3. Shop for her dorm room. While picking out bedding and accessories, include staples like all new socks and underwear.

4. Discuss a budget. Come to an agreement on the costs you are willing to cover, and what you expect him to cover.

5. Give a laundry lesson—protect that new underwear from turning pink in the hot water!

6. If she’ll be taking a car, give it a tune-up. While you’re at it, give her lessons on how to jump a dead battery and change a flat tire.

7. Go through family photos. Frame a couple of his favorites for his desk.

8. Plan a date with her. Let her choose—a pedicure, a great movie or a weekend road trip. Plan time to create great memories with her, and include her siblings as much as possible.

9. Make a list of his favorite dinners, and make each at least once before he leaves.

10. Make plans for a campus visit and for her next visit home to give both of you something to look forward to.