Sharing their talent

Last Updated 18 March, 2015

A group of NNU students, faculty and alumni have joined together to use their talents not to gain fame for themselves, but to use their God-given gifts to transform lives.

In 2012, after siblings and NNU alumni, Carly (Peck) Bartlett (’07) and Chris Peck (’13), felt called to ministry, they decided that they wanted to start a ministry collective that would incorporate worship music, speaking and art. Knowing their goal was to bring together many ministry-minded people with different callings and passions, they connected with friends from the NNU community.

As the collective began to think of a name for their ministry, they wanted it to be deeper than just an identifier. The “Who We Are” section of the Woods End Ministry website ( explains how they came up with their name: “We believe, symbolically, that we are called out of darkness into the freedom and light of Christ. The metaphorical place where the darkness ceases and light begins is the ‘woods end.’”

Last spring, current senior NNU students and Woods End Ministries members, Nathan Knox and Miles Wilson, decided to promote the group by launching a Kickstarter campaign. The goal of the campaign was to raise funds to create a worship album, which would serve as a sustainable income for Woods End, enabling them to continue to move forward in ministry. The campaign was successful, thanks to the support of many friends and family.

This fundraising effort allowed for members of the collective to travel to Nashville, Tennessee this past fall to record their first album. Contributors to the writing and recording process included Carly, Chris, Nathan and Miles as well as Mike Bartlett (’08), Grant Miller (’10), David Reimer (’11), and current NNU seniors Angela Archer and Shaun Hall. Another NNU alumnus, Ryan Cork, produced the album, which consists of 10 original songs and two hymns. You can learn more about the album and where to purchase it by visiting the Woods End website. It is also coming soon to iTunes.

Although the release of their album is a significant milestone, it is just the beginning for this group—another avenue through which they can pursue God and transform lives along the way.