Senior highlight: Roxanne Johnsen

Last Updated 17 May, 2017

College has been an incredible time of growth for senior nursing student, Roxanne Johnsen. She has been heavily involved on campus through a variety of different committees, Crusader Choir, Northwesterners, Dooley RA and Junior Class Council. Through these involvements, she has gained skills that will stay with her for the rest of her life—how to be a successful leader and team member, how to trust and lean on God in both good and bad times and how to make God the foundation of your marriage.

“I have grown in a positive way in pretty much every aspect of my life, and I truly attribute that to my experience at Northwest Nazarene University. Coming to this school was the best decision I ever made,” Roxanne said.

“Not only do I attribute my success to the support of my professors, but also to the prayer of everyone at NNU. I am amazed that my school community really prayed for me. I even got meals and coffee delivered to my dorm room by our office of Spiritual Formation. I can’t thank the NNU community enough for showing me the love of Jesus and helping me be as successful as I can.”

After Roxanne’s junior year, she was offered a position at Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Nampa at a job recruitment event hosted by the hospital. The job includes a new graduate RN position on the Adult Medical/Surgical and Ortho Unit for two years after graduation. She also received a signing bonus and a guaranteed preceptorship spot.

This semester, Roxanne has been completing her final clinical experience, a 180-hour preceptorship at Saint Alphonsus. This has been an incredible opportunity because it fulfilled a requirement for school and also oriented Roxanne to her future job. “To already know the staff, the flow of a 12 hour shift, the charting, etc. makes the whole process so much less intimidating,” she said.

Roxanne hopes to eventually transition into a pediatric RN position and then go on to graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. Her end goal is to have her own practice for pediatric patients and then get a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.