Senior highlight: Phil Haunschild

Last Updated 21 August, 2018

by Cali Carpenter, class of 2017

Phil Haunschild is an international studies major with a financial economics minor, hailing from Manila, Philippines and Homer, Alaska. When asked what the most valuable aspect of his college experience has been, Phil replied, “The relationships I have developed with professors. By developing a relationship in and out of the classroom I have been able to learn from their lectures, but also from their examples.”

He continued, “Ask any student who graduates and they'll tell you that the things that have shaped them the most have been the community, the people, the individual interactions and relationships with their professors, and the ways that their classes have allowed them to understand more than just the material they are tested on.”

When talking of his college experience, Phil commented that his favorite aspects of NNU were “the opportunities to go on incredible trips and enjoy great events with such an enjoyable community.”

Receiving the Values & Capitalism 2016-17 Young Scholar Award, Phil could use this scholarship to conduct research on a topic of public policy or economics. He chose to research Syrian refugee employment in Jordan. So in the 2016 fall semester, Phil spent four months in Jordan with MESP (Middle Eastern Study Program) to survey and interview Syrian refugees and to study the macro- and microeconomic effects of these refugees on the Jordanian economy.

Upon graduation Phil will be working in Boise as a policy analyst for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and in five years Phil plans to be working towards a graduate degree or working in diplomacy in a US embassy overseas.