Senior highlight: Lauren Diaz

Last Updated 12 January, 2017

Lauren Diaz will be graduating May 7 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in accounting. With life sure to change after graduation, Lauren explains what she is looking forward to the most by saying, “As stupid as it sounds, I am so looking forward to setting up a 401k, paying off student loans, and putting money into a savings for a home. I've been really anxious to begin living like an adult and practicing being responsible.”

Recently, Lauren acquired a job in a management training program at U.S. Bank in Boise. The program is three years long, during which Lauren will receive training for three months as a teller, six months as a personal loan officer, and six to nine months as a business loan officer. After that, Lauren will be given a position at a U.S. Bank in the Boise area as either an assistant manager or a branch manager. In anticipation of going through this process, Lauren adds, “I’m really excited for this opportunity and all the valuable skills and experience that I’ll gain through this position.”

Reminiscing on her time at NNU, Lauren notes the community as being one of the best parts about this school. “I have loved the community and student life at NNU. Since the moment I moved into Ford freshman year, I have felt like I have a family on campus. I got to be a part of two RA teams at both Dooley and Corlett and those were the best jobs I've ever had. The community on campus is so tight-knit and welcoming and I'm so thankful for the time I've had here. I know I have made friends to last a lifetime.”

This highlight was written for an issue of our student newspaper, "The Crusader." To read this and other issues from the past year, visit "The Crusader" Facebook page→

photo credit: Austin Thomas