Senior highlight: Janessa Dyk

Last Updated 4 May, 2017

At this time in the year, most seniors are frantically searching for what they will do post graduation; luckily for Janessa Dyk, the job hunt is over. After an extensive series of interviews, she secured a job with Clearwater Analytics as a client service analyst and will be starting June 5. Below Janessa shares about her NNU experience and how she landed this opportunity with Clearwater Analytics.

Q. Janessa, can you tell us a few of your favorite things about your experience at NNU and the business department?
A. I love all the different opportunities offered at NNU. There are so many clubs and groups to become a part of. If you put in the effort, you can meet so many different people by interacting with the events at your dorm, SGA events, sports, intramurals, clubs, etc. There are great people here who challenge me academically and spiritually. I love how the business department is accredited and has challenged me to be prepared for the real business world (but I'm still not sure if I am ready for it or not).

Q. How did the business department prepare you for when you started looking for a job?
A. The professors at NNU have taken the time to meet with me one on one to go over concepts I don't understand in class. I've also had professors who aren't even my teachers for that semester help me work through things that I need help with. They also have been great with helping me find summer jobs and employment after graduation. They put me in contact with connections they knew and guided me through the interview processes.

Q. Congratulations on your new position with Clearwater Analytics! Do you think NNU contributed to you getting the job?
A. Having my NNU connections definitely helped me get the job at CW. There are a couple of NNU grads that work there now, so they were able to encourage me as I applied. My professors also helped me review accounting and financial concepts to prepare for the intense interviews.