Senior highlight: Erik Anderson

Last Updated 2 May, 2016

Erik Anderson (Boise, Idaho) transferred to NNU because of the reputations of both the men’s soccer team and the NNU Department of Engineering. He said, "My experience at NNU has been incredibly positive. The biggest thing, especially in the engineering department, is how easy it is to talk to the professors. I think what has made my NNU experience so positive is just how well I’ve gotten to know the professors and how much guidance they’ve given me in my semesters here."

For his senior engineering design project, Erik worked with a team on a project funded by Micron to develop an insole to test foot pressure and stress, with the goal of informing shoe design that can improve athletic performance and foot health.

After graduating on May 7 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with an electrical emphasis, Erik Anderson will prepare to head to Columbia University in the fall where he will begin a graduate assistantship and pursue a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

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