​NNU students know Idaho is a “coffee connoisseur’s paradise,” and they’re not alone

Last Updated 2 June, 2015

Recently Boise, Idaho was named #9 Best Coffee City by “Bustle.” Bustle writer Daniel Lefferts shares, “with nearly 150 coffee shops, many of them artisanal enough to hang with the big boys in Portland and S.F., this quaint and unassuming-seeming city engages in ‘Treat. Yo. Self’-level indulgence when it comes to coffee.”
NNU may be an alcohol-free campus, but it is far from dry. Coffee culture reigns among students, whether they are frequenting one of the 143 coffee shops in the area, hanging out at The Bean—our on-campus coffee shop—or perfecting their own home brewing processes.
One of the favorite local coffee bars is Flying M Coffee Garage. Just 5 minutes from campus, this shop is housed in a renovated Firestone Garage. Now the reordered letters “fine store” overlook customers, and the garage doors open onto the patio in nice weather. However, the Flying M isn't the only gig in town, with favored chains like Starbucks and Dutch Bros. in close proximity to campus.

Many students also find their caffeine fix in the comfort of their residence halls. These students aren’t settling for a pot of drip coffee but rather are mastering exotic brewing techniques. Check out love.nnu.edu/man/blog/Beans-and-Bros to learn more about this student passion and to pick up some step-by-step brewing tips you can try.