NNU honors Don Brandt with the 2015 Eugene Emerson Award

Last Updated 17 September, 2015

Each year Northwest Nazarene University honors an individual or organization whose goals are to enrich, support and enhance the local Nampa community. This year the 2015 Eugene Emerson Award was presented to Mr. Don Brandt at the annual NNU President’s Dinner.

Being active in the community has long been important to Don Brandt. He is president of the Brandt Agency, a real estate firm that has played an important part in the development of the Boise Valley since 1963. He was twice designated “Realtor of the Year” by the Nampa Board of Realtors.

He is the chairman of the John H. and Orah I. Brandt Foundation. The Brandt Foundation is a leading force for philanthropy in the local community. As chairman of the Foundation, Don ensures that the philanthropic legacy of the Brandt Family continues to improve the quality of life for Nampa residents.

Don and his siblings recently announced a gift to the City of Nampa of 26 acres at the intersection of Cherry Lane and Franklin; the property will be used to develop a park in the memory of their mother. In addition, Don has donated space to LOVE, Inc., and Don was named the Volunteer of the Century by The Salvation Army.

With regard to NNU, Don Brandt has served as a connection between the university and community in several ways. Don was involved in finalizing the lead gift for the building of NNU’s Brandt Center, a campus and community landmark. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the NNU Foundation and is a member of the Investment Committee, which guides the management of NNU’s endowment assets. In that role, Don has facilitated and brought to the Foundation wise investment opportunities that ensure the future of the endowment. The Brandt Foundation hosts events at the Brandt Center every year, bringing members of the community on campus and helping to create lasting connections with many community stakeholders.

NNU President Joel Pearsall describes the role of Don Brandt this way: “For as long as I can remember, Don has been willing to stand alongside Northwest Nazarene University to guide us, to advise us, and to provide a loving reflection back to us so that we might better see ourselves. We greatly respect his wise and firm counsel, and we know well that when Don speaks to us, we must listen and hear what he says. His mark on the university is indelible. ”

It is with appreciation for the difference and added value that his involvement is making at Northwest Nazarene University and in recognition of his contribution to the spirit of cooperation between community and the university that Northwest Nazarene University is pleased recognize Mr. Don Brandt with the 2015 Eugene Emerson Award.

The Eugene Emerson Award was established in 1985 to acknowledge the spirit of cooperation that exists between the Treasure Valley and the University. The award was named for NNU founder Eugene Emerson, a Nampa businessman who also established a lumber company and later sold it to Windsor Lloyd of Lloyd Lumber Company. The award honors those who have contributed significantly to fostering that cooperation, and by so doing, draw attention to the mutual benefit gained by both the community and the university.