NNU Campus League

Last Updated 30 September, 2014

Were you a heavily involved high school athlete looking to keep competing? Are you unskilled, unfit and uncoordinated, but want to bond with your classmates through friendly competition? Almost every college has some sort of intramural program, and NNU is no exception. The beautiful thing about the intramural “Campus League” at NNU is that there are spots for every kind of person to come out and have an awesome time. 

Campus League includes a huge variety of sports that take place year round. Whether you want to play some hard-hitting flag football, fly through the air in ultimate Frisbee, crush softballs, play soccer year round in our indoor and outdoor leagues or dribble down on of the three-court in the Fieldhouse, we’ve got space for you. 

The best part about NNU’s Campus League athletics teams is that they can accommodate all skill levels. Ladies, both serious competitors and those in it for the t-shirt, put on eyeblack and play powderpuff football on Saturdays in the fall. Split leagues during the basketball season mean you can choose to play on a team with a high level of skill and experience or just come out and goof around with your friends. Everyone is welcome, and it’s all included in the cost of your tuition!

Campus league also features a variety of other competitions during the year, like spelling bees, a bowling tournament, a chili cook-off and console gaming tournaments, to name a few. There are so many opportunities to get involved, it’s actually rare for students not to participate. However you want to get involved, the intramural programs at NNU are designed to give you an amazing college experience, whether you are a freshman still trying to figure out your first year or a senior with a well-established group. Come out and give it a try!