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Last Updated 12 August, 2014

Every spring, students at NNU vote for two men from their class to represent them in NNU’s annual male variety show. Over the years, the competition has grown increasingly more complex as the eight class representatives perform stunts, sing songs, dance, present skits and generally make comedic spectacles of themselves while vying for the title of “Mr. NNU.”

The format can vary from year to year, but usually follows a predictable outline. The show opens with a costumed and choreographed number featuring all the contestants who ham it up and do their best with limited time (but mostly limited dancing ability). Then comes the first round of prepared numbers from each representative, featuring (usually comedic) bits in which the contestants do their best to entertain the crowd through skits, videos and other shenanigans. 
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After a brief intermission that features a routine from the night’s host (the previous year’s winner) the guys come back and perform another round of skits. Finally, the gentlemen rush backstage to change into their “formal” wear and escort their “dates” onstage to answer a final question (these companions can range from girlfriends, to mothers, to other contestants’ mothers, to a favorite dog, to a twin brother). 

Mr. NNU is always an action-packed and lighthearted campus event that creates lasting memories, stories and legends. Have you ever heard about the guy who snorted a live goldfish, or the one who shaved his head between skits or the one who pretended to propose to his girlfriend? Next time you are on campus, be sure to ask someone for the story.
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