Meet incoming freshman Keaton Woodcook

Last Updated 9 September, 2016

On August 26, NNU will welcome a new freshman class to campus. Each of the new students who join the 2016 freshman class brings something special and becomes an integral part of the character of NNU.

Keaton Woodcook, coming all the way from Chesapeake, Virginia, is among the new freshmen. “I always knew I wanted to go away to college—I just didn’t know how far,” Keaton remarks. “Turns out, it’s 2,500 miles.”

An avid outdoorsman, Keaton is eager to spend much of his spare time experiencing Idaho’s abundance of outdoor activities. After spending every weekend at the beach in Virginia this summer, he will miss the ocean but is looking forward to a change in scenery. “I can’t resist mountains and low humidity,” says Keaton. “I love anything outdoors—from rock climbing to backpacking to cycling. In fact, part of the reason I chose NNU was for the area’s outdoor recreation.”

When this adventurer isn’t exploring the outdoors, he appreciates a good cup of coffee, playing trivia games and studying geography. Keaton is majoring in computer science and plans to pursue a career in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Eager to enter this field of study, Keaton continues, “It’s great to be able to make computers process and understand data better so humans don’t have to do all the work.”

Just as Keaton is excited to begin his college experience at NNU this week, the community is equally as excited to welcome him. New Student Orientation kicks off this Friday, August 26 as NNU welcomes the class of 2020. Students will have a week filled with social and academic activities designed to help them acclimate to college life and the NNU community.

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