Inspired to teach the next generation

Last Updated 22 September, 2016

Did you know education is the second largest major at NNU? With NNU’s secondary education program ranked 14th in the nation and its elementary education program ranked 16th in the nation by the National Council of Teacher Quality (NCTQ), it’s easy to understand why aspiring teachers choose NNU for their education. The real question is what inspired all these young people to pursue a career educating children and youth? To answer this question, we asked four senior students to share why they decided to teach.

1. Transformation
“I decided to become a teacher because I love school and the fact that I get to have a chance to inspire my students to be the best versions of themselves! It's so crazy how much you can influence your students' lives and how much they can influence yours! I love that I get a chance to show my future students how much potential they have to go on and be successful in their futures.”
—Chloe Mahoney, elementary education major

2. Truth
“I didn't really realize it until high school, but the idea of becoming a teacher just seems natural to me. I enjoy learning, and it makes me feel good to help others understand tough concepts. I've always had a passion for entertaining people, and I've always enjoyed helping care for those who are younger than me. In early high school, I had the opportunity to help lead vacation bible school, and later to be teacher's aide for a middle school science class. Those two opportunities helped me realize how fun it can be to invest in the lives of young people. I want to be a teacher because I love biology, and I believe that I can help others to understand and enjoy it as well.”
—Nathan Horwood, secondary education major

3. Community
“I decided to become a teacher because I was inspired by the amount of diversity in schools. Kids from SO many diverse backgrounds and walks of life all come together to one place every day to learn. Our classrooms in public schools are a meeting place for people with all different experiences who are headed into a wide variety of exciting and difficult futures. Public education is such a privilege...I also really think that middle and high school students are hilarious and super fun to be around.”
—Taylor Chapple, secondary education major

4. Service
“I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was four years old because I wanted to help other people just as my mom always taught and helped me. I have now grown to love teaching as it is a way for me to demonstrate God's love and compassion in the lives of children. It is also very rewarding to see the growth and community that can be built in a classroom. My goal is to make sure my students will know that I truly care about them and want to help them educationally and also to encourage them in their own dreams and interests.”
—Megan Cariglio, elementary education major

NNU’s teacher education programs not only earn accolades for quality, they are also built on the university values that align so closely with the aspirations of our education students. Regardless of what brought each of these future teachers to NNU, their passions and talents have been fostered in an environment that encourages transformation, truth, community and service. As this year’s senior class prepares to step into their own classrooms, we are confident they will be prepared to instill these values in their own students.