How Christian colleges have all the fun

Last Updated 31 March, 2016

by Jake Alger

The best college traditions don’t have anything to do with houses, hazing or hangovers. When students put God and lasting friendships at the forefront, that’s when university life is at its best.

But that’s not the way many people think of life on a Christian college campus. They picture stoic, pipe-organ-led services; bored faces; and strict dress codes. In reality, students at Christian colleges have the time of their lives.

With love at the center, traditions, community and fellowship come alive, not unlike how the early Christians in the book of Acts show us the greatness of a love-centered life.

Those first Christians who lived under the new covenant were no joke. They were a bunch of hard-core believers living together in community, loving life despite difficult circumstances. They did it through fellowship with followers of Jesus—everything from sharing meals to praying and learning together.

That same love exists today, too. It’s a big part of what makes Christian college campuses so unique.

For examples, take a stroll down residence hall row at a school near you. You’ll find a variety of special traditions and refreshing subculture, including:

  • Eye-opening conversations—Deep discussions about stuff like current events, pop culture and theology are one of the richest aspects of college. It’s an opportunity to exercise your intellectual muscles and learn a lot about people. Maybe down a few hundred lattes, too. Fellowship, anyone?
  • Great music—There are so many talented singers, songwriters and musicians out there. From on-campus worship services to impromptu concerts at a local house to famous bands playing in front of thousands of people, one of the coolest parts of college is the freedom to sample and enjoy a variety of sounds.
  • Spectator sports—Ever spread two-toned paint over your face? Maybe wait a few months before you answer. For some students, attending their college’s sports events is a time-honored tradition and a key part of the first-year experience. Good-natured competition can be a breeding ground for Christ-centered sportsmanship. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.
  • Activities and Intramurals—For the vast majority of students who aren’t on their college basketball or softball team, the next best thing is intramurals—such as Campus League at NNU. If you’ve never made a new friend during a game of ultimate Frisbee or a campus spelling bee, frankly, you’re missing out. Spirited contests of bowling, cooking, video games and more help first-year collegians get engaged and energized as soon as they arrive on campus. It’s a great precedent to set.
  • Campus groups—As far as traditions go, outwardly expressing God’s love through service is an oldie but a goodie. It’s the second greatest commandment and one of the best ways to make a difference—and to forge strong fellowship—during your post-high school years.

Life on a Christian college campus isn’t anything like what pop culture tells you. It’s actually full of life changing traditions and the foundations of lifelong friendships.