Homecoming 2016: a student perspective

Last Updated 1 December, 2016

by Cali Carpenter, class of 2017

Another fun-filled Homecoming & Family Weekend has come and gone! For alumni, homecoming is a time to come back to campus and reconnect with the university and old friends. For students, it is a time of fellowship that brings togetherness to our community and connects us—not only to each other, but also to those who attended in the past. The campus transforms into a place of excitement and anticipation for all that’s to come, and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

For junior Blaire Crutchley, there was much to love about homecoming weekend. Out of all the events (ranging from the basketball game to the concert, and everything else in between) her favorite was the alumni awards chapel. “I always feel so inspired when I see the different accomplishments of those who receive the awards, and it makes me proud to be a student at NNU. They remind me that even if life takes me away from my major, the education I'm getting here leaves room for me to branch out and make connections in other parts of the world,” she said.

For junior Erin Kollars, homecoming is all about unity and cheering each other on. “I love crowding into the student section, all wearing matching t-shirts, and cheering at the top of our lungs in support of our team. It's such a unifying feeling,” she said about the homecoming basketball game. She also loved the fall play for a similar reason. “It was so fun to see all the hard work that our friends have put in finally come to life! Everyone has such unique talents, and it's amazing to see them on display!” she said. Homecoming is a time of celebration for young and old alike, and attending events like the basketball game and fall play are perfect opportunities to celebrate our students and all that they do.

There are many things that homecoming brings to our campus—a time of celebration, togetherness, liveliness and so much more—but it means something a little different to each person. Whether it’s inspiration from alumni, a new sense of hustle and bustle, or an overall feeling of unity, Homecoming is an incredible event that brings us all together and unites us as a community.

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