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Last Updated 4 March, 2015

Shaun Hall has a passion for serving others. The junior from Bremerton, WA is majoring in social work, learning the best practices for how to care and mentor those who need the most help in our society. He is also working for NNU’s Student Government Association as the Campus Ministries Coordinator. “My role on SGA is to help facilitate opportunities for people to experience the transformational love of God. I hope that I can foster an environment of authenticity and connectivity through Timeout [a weekly student-led worship service] and other events.”

Shaun knows a lot about coming from a place of spiritual authenticity. Raised in a non-church background, Shaun first felt the desire to attend NNU after going on a senior high winter retreat with his local Nazarene church. He knew that to be able to come to NNU, he’d have to convince his family of the value of the experience he would receive in Nampa.

“My parents weren’t very interested in my coming to a private Christian college, but they didn’t know the extent of my experience,” Shaun says. “Coming from my background, there was an expectation to go to a large state school. When the scholarship package came, I was able to show my parents that NNU was a realistic option.”

Shaun pressed through the pressure of the affordability question to discover an education that was comparable in price with even greater intangible value. Through a quality education, a close-knit group of friends and a broader community of support, he is flourishing into a person of enormous quality and character. He is keenly aware of the incredible love and support that he is receiving—even from those he has never met. 

Many NNU alumni support students through scholarships and other means. “Knowing that those who have come before, who don’t even know me but still support me and love me by giving up their living to a college student… that’s incredible,” Shaun says with an admiring smile. “That’s community.”

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