From NNU to France—alumnus Allen Johnson shares his literary journey

Last Updated 9 June, 2016

by Carly Gilmore, class of 2017

Author, speaker, musician, actor, pilot, painter, photographer, videographer, cyclist, scuba diver, and mountain climber—NNC alumnus Dr. Allen Johnson (’68) does not have a shortage of hobbies, nor is he hesitant about pursuing new ones. From his time at NNC to present, Johnson has sampled a myriad of activities. “I try to live by George Bernard Shaw’s mantra,” Johnson explained. “‘I want to be thoroughly used up when I die.’”

Writing, literature, and language have always been a passion of Johnson’s. While a student at NNC, Johnson’s interest was fostered by English professor Dr. Arthur Seamans and speech communication professor Dr. Earl Owens. “They both greatly influenced my speaking and writing style,” Johnson said. To this day, Johnson relishes “the act of stringing words together and discovering the story that is waiting to be unveiled.”

“I try to live by George Bernard Shaw’s mantra, ‘I want to be thoroughly used up when I die.’”

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