From Illinois to Idaho: How Mario Donaldson found his place at NNU (#GoNNUCrusaders)

Last Updated 15 June, 2015

When Illinois native Mario Donaldson began looking for a place to finish out his college basketball career, he had little notion of coming west to play for a school in Nampa, Idaho.

"I went to a community college for two years; I had a very successful basketball season there where I was an All-American," says Mario. "At that point I was only looking at Division I schools, but God seemed to close every door. One evening my dad got a call from an Idaho number and it was the coach here at NNU. He used to play with my dad with Athletes In Action. He told my dad he worked for a Christian school and wanted me here in Idaho. The next day I flew out on a visit and signed within two days."

"Even though I come from a different culture and I'm a totally different ethnicity from the majority at NNU, there is no doubt we are all family."