Fresh Retreat

Last Updated 7 March, 2018

At the end of Week One festivities every fall, freshmen students load up buses and head north to Trinity Pines, a camp and conference center just south of McCall, Idaho. There, the new students get to experience Fresh Retreat—a time of relaxation and bonding that helps to acclimate them to their new college life.

Fresh Retreat is full of exciting activities for student to enjoy in addition to the free time and fresh air. Some of those activities include expeditions to the local white water park, movie nights and line dancing instruction. 

There are also lots of intentional ways for students to learn more about college life, including group gatherings where students meet and hear from Student Life personnel, food service employees, Wellness Center counselors and an abundance of other NNU staff and faculty who give up their Labor Day weekend to come and get to know the new students.

The weekend usually features a special address from NNU’s President, Dr. David Alexander. After a week of introductory chapels and formal gatherings, Dr. Alexander often takes time at Fresh Retreat to show his more casual side to the new students by joking and telling stories in a heartfelt message. 

All in all, Fresh Retreat is a great way for first year students to kick off their freshman year and to learn more about each other and the campus they now call home.