Fall Revival on campus

Last Updated 15 October, 2018

Every year the Office of University Mission & Ministry plans a spiritual event called Fall Revival. A time for all of NNU’s campus community to come together and take a break from their daily routine, Fall Revival is an instrumental part of the first semester and is anticipated every year.

The theme for Spiritual Life on campus this year is Around the Table: Discipleship and Diversity. Chaplains Dustin and Olivia Metcalf have been preaching on the Gospel of Luke throughout the semester, challenging students to make room for others at the table as Jesus did. This year’s Fall Revival was focused on that same theme of embracing diversity in order to better live as Christ’s disciples.

JR. Forasteros was the guest speaker for this year’s three-day revival. Podcaster, author and pastor from Dallas, Texas, JR. brought a much-needed sense of spiritual rejuvenation to students and faculty alike. Growing up feeling the love from his church community while also being exposed to the rejection of the sinners that Jesus loved, JR. became very passionate on the subject of diversity and loving all of God’s people. He challenged students this past week to take a look at the ways in which they were living and ask themselves whether they were bringing unity or uniformity to the Church.