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Facing the challenge, reaping the rewards

Last Updated 17 January, 2017

Knowing that God was calling her to minister to people like herself who didn’t grow up in the church—people who knew about God but didn’t know God—Heather felt she needed to equip herself by furthering her education and becoming ordained. Her educational options were limited by her small town location in Ridgecrest, Calif. and her parental responsibilities of balancing the schedules of two sets of twins ages six and seven.

Heather learned that when God calls, He also provides the means to follow that call. She soon discovered NNU’s online bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry that allowed her to gain the tools and knowledge she needed while continuing her active ministries in Upward Sports kids basketball and women’s Bible studies. 

While completing a program online as a busy wife and mom has not been easy—she often has to complete assignments late at night when the family is sleeping—Heather knows the investment will reap huge dividends in her ministry.

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