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Expert mentors

Last Updated 28 April, 2016

Whatever you’re studying in your time at NNU—from organic chemistry to human resource management—you’ll find enormous value in the instruction and personal relationships you’ll development with our expert faculty. 

Dr. Tim Anstine completed a doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Nevada and then completed a postgraduate fellowship in one of the world’s foremost programs at the University of California, Berkeley. After a hugely successful career in pharmaceutical research, Dr. Anstine underwent a powerful spiritual awakening that prompted him to consider a different career path. Listen to this audio of Dr. Anstine telling his story in chapel to hear about how this new calling to teach and minister to students led him to NNU.

Dr. Robert Marsland, who retired from the United States Navy as a rear admiral and also served as Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, teaches in NNU’s MBA program. His extensive background and incredible record are incredibly valuable in providing his students with top-notch training in an environment that is specially suited to fit their schedules and needs. Watch Dr. Marsland talk about the MBA’s high standards here.

Dr. Anstine and Dr. Marsland are typical examples of the stories and experiences you will find among instructors at NNU, transferring enormous amounts of valuable education and relationship in classrooms that average 13 students.

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