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Crusader Choir & Orchestra tour Korea

Last Updated 4 May, 2016

Northwest Nazarene University’s Crusader Choir & Orchestra will be leaving for a two week tour across South Korea on Sunday, May 8. Led by Dr. Philip Miller, this group of 40 students will be performing in universities, schools and churches.

“[The choir tour] is always the highlight of the year,” said Dr. Philip Miller. “I love seeing students experience God work in a different country and culture. Through this experience, your view of God becomes so much bigger, and you develop a heart for the people there.”

Made possible by Korea Nazarene University and other NNU connections, the tour is planned to be very interactive with the people and culture there. “I want it to be immersive,” said Miller. “I want them to be out of their comfort zone.” Besides music, mission work and exposure to the Korean culture will be other focuses of this multifaceted trip.

The group will return Sunday, May 22.

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