Conrad estate gift to NNU now to exceed $18 million

Last Updated 27 December, 2015

Northwest Nazarene University is pleased to announce that it has been notified of the imminent distribution of the final portion of an estate gift from Howard and Mary Conrad. The first portion of the gift, received in March of 2014, came in at $10 million with the understanding that the university would receive an additional sum as the residuary beneficiary at a later date; the university’s remainder interest has now been determined after various other estate matters were settled and totals over $8 million. This gift—now exceeding $18 million—will be truly transformative for the university, current and future students, and the greater Treasure Valley.

The Conrads were long-time supporters of the university, and Howard was one of the founding members of the NNU Foundation Board of Directors.

Howard Conrad came from humble beginnings and rose to prominence and influence in his community and church through hard work and wise stewardship. Howard was born in Missouri in 1930. In 1935, his family made the journey West in search of a better life. It was a journey of faith that required that they shelter on the dirt floor of a one-room garage after arriving in Idaho.

This amazing gift is the outcome of over 30 years of positive relationships between the Conrad family and members of the NNU community. The funds are unrestricted and, as such, policy requires they become part of the quasi-endowment until the university determines an appropriate function for them.

NNU President Joel Pearsall said, “We are both surprised and incredibly grateful for this second gift that has turned out to be almost equal in magnitude to the first. This is now by far the largest gift NNU has ever received. We will strive to be worthy stewards of this incredible generosity and use the funds to advance the mission of the university and further the Kingdom of God to the best of our abilities.”