Bridging the gap between home and residence hall life

Last Updated 9 June, 2016

For most students, campus life is a substantial change. All their belongings are moved into a modest room, which is shared with a stranger. The bathrooms and living spaces are communal and allow minimal privacy. All meals are served in a cafeteria filled predominately with peers. While these things definitely take time to adjust to, the most dramatic change is living away from family and the security that a home brings.

At NNU, Resident Directors help to bridge the gap between home and residence hall life. For Carlee Freiburghaus, the transition was made even easier by the fact that her mom, Stacy, was her RD. “Having my mom as my RD was great and really fun. I’ll miss it next year!” Carlee said. “It was like living at home but with more separation from my parents.”

“It’s nice to have that motherly presence in the residence hall,” continued Carlee. Besides having her door open to the students, Stacy finds other ways to get involved with the students in her residence hall such as creating fun events, having home-cooked dinners with each wing, and hanging out in the lobby with the girls in the evenings. She even met to knit and crochet with girls on Thursday evenings throughout the school year.

Even though Stacy serves as the dorm mom for all the girls in Dooley, there definitely are some additional perks that come only with being her actual child. When asked what her favorite part about having her mom as her RD, Carlee quickly responded, “My favorite part was being able to just stop by between classes or at night to talk to her. Sometimes when I was sick, I would even go sleep in my old bed, and my mom would take care of me. Yeah, that was nice!”

Now a junior, Carlee will no longer live in the same residence hall as her family this upcoming school year. However, incoming sophomores will continue to experience Stacy’s “motherly presence” in Dooley.