Boys & Girls Club of Nampa presented 2017 Eugene Emerson Award

Last Updated 22 September, 2017

Annually Northwest Nazarene University honors an individual or organization who has supported and enriched the Nampa community while collaborating with the university. This year the 2017 Eugene Emerson Award was presented to the Boys and Girls Club of Nampa at the annual NNU President’s Dinner.

Originally dubbed the Healthy Nampa Youth Coalition, the Boys & Girls Club of Nampa opened their facility in 2000, providing a place to fulfill their mission “to enable all young people—especially those who need us most—to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.” Initially expected to serve 30-60 members, this club now serves an average of 230 children every day through character-developing and relationship-building activities.

Sharing distinct similarities with NNU’s mission of transformation and service, the Boys & Girls Club of Nampa has partnered with NNU for nearly 18 years. Over this period, NNU students and staff have tutored, mentored and spent time with the club members. In addition to providing volunteer opportunities, the Club has employed several NNU alumni at the administrative level as well as NNU students in staff positions. Moreover, NNU is a stakeholder and benefactor in the Club to College Program, which provides matching scholarships to club members choosing to seek higher education.

"As a university and as members of the Nampa community, we are profoundly grateful to the Boys & Girls Club for the ways they have and continue to invest in the lives of Nampa kids,” said Vice President for External Relations Mark Wheeler. “We are a far better community because of the good work happening every day at the Boys and Girls Club. It is a privilege for NNU to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Nampa and to bestow upon them this well-deserved recognition."

The Eugene Emerson Award was established in 1985 to acknowledge the spirit of cooperation that exists between the Boise Valley and the university. The award was named for NNU founder Eugene Emerson, a Nampa businessman who also established a lumber company and later sold it to Windsor Lloyd of Lloyd Lumber Company. The award honors those who have contributed significantly to fostering that cooperation and, by so doing, draws attention to the mutual benefit gained by both the community and the university.