Announcing enrollment for fall 2017

Last Updated 12 February, 2018

President Joel Pearsall has announced the university’s total fall 2017 enrollment at 2,040 students—just 24 shy of its all-time high from 2011. This year’s 1,347 undergraduate and 693 graduate and doctoral students indicate stable enrollment.

"The admissions team is pleased to introduce a group of well-qualified and academically prepared students to an outstanding NNU experience,” said Associate Vice President for Enrollment Shawn Blenker. “I'm very proud of the entering class of new students, both undergraduates and graduates. Aspirations are high for this incoming class, and I'm confident that the impressive faculty and staff here are eager to lead these new freshmen, transfer and graduate students toward their academic goals."

Although overall traditional undergraduate enrollment is consistent with past years due to a large graduating class last spring, the incoming freshman class is one of the largest incoming classes of new students in the last 17 years, 13.7 percent larger than last year’s class. Moreover, this class has a strong academic profile with their class average high school GPA of 3.58 and 70 percent of them holding college credits prior to the semester’s start.

With 43 percent of these new undergraduate students enrolled in a STEM area of study, the top majors chosen by the freshman class are nursing, education and biology, respectively. Nursing and education continue to be areas of growth in Adult and Professional Programs and Graduate Programs as well.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Brad Kurtz-Shaw added, "This fall's enrollment numbers tell us that NNU continues to be a destination of choice for students who are serious about their education, who see their faith as part of their core identity, and who feel called to make a difference in their world. Both traditional 18-year-olds and adult learners who are joining our graduate or Adult and Professional Program see NNU as a place that will transform them and by extension transform the communities they serve."