Adventure awaits

Last Updated 5 June, 2015

For the NNU student who desires a college career full of adventure, the act of juggling school with finding time, money and opportunities to go out and have a good time can be tough. Luckily there exists a certain NNU club whose mission is to encourage and create adventures for NNU students. This club is known as the Journeys Outfitting Co.

In their own words, “This is the campus club that coordinates and facilitates outdoor recreational trips and offers inexpensive gear rentals to students. We do rock climbing, mtn. biking, snow skiing/snowboarding, backpacking, camping, surfing, white-water rafting, stand-up paddle-boarding, and so much more.” How’s that for an exciting invitation for adventure?

Journeys often rotates through its usual activities, such as trips to Bogus Basin for skiing/snowboarding and hikes through nearby mountains like Mt. Shasta and Mt. Hood, but the club also looks for new and fun ways to experience the outdoors. For example, right after the first week of the spring semester, the club took two carloads of students to Anthony Lakes Ski Resort in Oregon to enjoy a full day of skiing. While this trip to the ski resort would have been a grand adventure in its own right, the club had even more planned.

Once night rolled around and it was time to get off the snow, the club made arrangements for the students to sleep in fire-heated yurts that were set up right on the slopes. These traditional Mongolian dwellings are not your average log cabin as I’m sure you can imagine. Falling asleep to the combined sounds of the crackling fire and the howling wind is a sensation those students will not soon forget. This experience in the yurts was a place where, as the club puts it, “brotherly bonds are forged; lifetime stories are created.”

And so for the student who is looking to create memories that will last a lifetime, look no further. Thanks to Journeys and NNU’s perfect location, a continuous stream of opportunities to take advantage of the surrounding outdoors will always be present for students looking for adventure.

Journeys Outfitting Co. logo design by Janson Card
Photo credit: Journeys Outfitting Co.