Academic councils vote to accept ITT transfer credits

Last Updated 20 October, 2016

Academic councils at Northwest Nazarene University recently voted to accept transfer credits from ITT Technical Institute students who were displaced in September. The vote is an expression of NNU’s commitment to assist persons in the Treasure Valley who desire a value-centered education through NNU’s variety of regionally and professionally accredited programs. Qualified ITT students will be able to enroll as traditional residential students as well as in adult and professional undergraduate degree programs.

According to Dr. Ed Robinson, Vice President for Academic Affairs at NNU, “The disruption in the professional aspirations of ITT students is a significant personal and financial burden to a number of individuals and families in the Treasure Valley. Our desire is to relieve some of that burden by inviting qualified ITT students to receive a quality education from an established local university with a strong academic culture.”

ITT held a national accreditation through an association recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). NNU’s commitment to allow the transfer of credit is based on the CHEA recognition.

NNU reached out to displaced ITT students in September to let them know there are options to continue their education at NNU. With the positive vote of the academic councils, NNU admissions representatives immediately will be following up with those who inquired. Other interested ITT students are encouraged to contact NNU’s Admissions Office at or call 208-467-8499.