A “unique environment” sets NNU apart

Last Updated 24 June, 2015

Senior Spencer Hassman had a lot of choices when it came time to select a college. However, when he first stepped onto NNU’s campus, he recognized that this university offered something unique. “I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the people I met,” he says of that first visit. 

Turning down his offers to attend Brown and Stanford, Spencer wanted an education built on community—a community that he knew would help develop him intellectually as well as spiritually and emotionally.  NNU offered him more than a college with name recognition, but rather one where he would be invested in and his contributions would matter. 

Beyond small class sizes and a great student-faculty ratio, Spencer saw that NNU also strives to foster meaningful relationships amongst students and between students and faculty. “The one-on-one attention from professors has been a huge blessing, and it makes me feel much more comfortable when making future plans.” 

He has not wasted a minute in taking advantage of all the NNU community has to offer. He has been on class council for two years, plays a variety of intramural sports, was a resident assistant in Sutherland Hall and served as the SGA Community Relations Coordinator this year. He is also an avid musician, traveling as a guitarist with Covenant, participating in Chapel and Time Out music groups, and singing and playing in choirs and jazz combos. Spencer does all that and more in addition to double majoring in pre-med and political science. 

“My life journey at NNU has been incredible. I look back on the first semester of my freshman year, and I can confidently say that I am a very different person today. Part of that is due to my academic studies and discussions, but it has mostly come from being in the unique environment that NNU offers.”

Spencer continues, “I've made bad choices, good choices, taken steps forward and backward, but NNU has really kept me from falling. The people on campus and the general atmosphere of encouragement and support have helped me to continue on in spite of difficult life situations. NNU’s mission of transforming the whole person has proven very true for me, and I'm incredibly grateful for that.”