670 KBOI presented 2016 Eugene Emerson Award

Last Updated 16 September, 2016

Each year Northwest Nazarene University honors an individual or organization who has contributed significantly to fostering a spirit of cooperation between the community and the University, and by doing so has drawn attention to the mutual benefit of the location of NNU in the Boise Valley. This year the 2016 Eugene Emerson Award was presented to radio station 670 KBOI (a Cumulus Media Inc. station) at the annual NNU President’s Dinner.

In 2008, NNU and 670 KBOI began discussions to collaborate efforts that would be beneficial to both organizations. A number of opportunities grew from those conversations.

Since 2008, 670 KBOI and NNU have co-sponsored a monthly Business Breakfast that has featured speakers ranging from the Governor to the inventor of the toy known as the Furby. The Business Breakfast is held nine months of the year and continues today after eight years.

That same year, 670 KBOI and NNU initiated a Business of the Week feature on Monday mornings. Each Monday a business (including non-profits) or business story is highlighted in an extended, live- interview segment during the height of morning drive-time radio at 7:37 a.m.

The community outreach and exposure that has been afforded to NNU by the partnership with 670 KBOI has been central to the building of a strong NNU brand in the Boise Valley. NNU also acknowledged 670 KBOI’s parent company, Cumulus Media Inc., without whose support, the partnership would not exist.

NNU President Joel Pearsall described the partnership between NNU and 670 KBOI this way. “We have long recognized that 670 KBOI is a leading radio broadcast channel and is an essential pathway to communicating with the citizens of the Boise Valley. Several years ago when we reached out, 670 KBOI was willing to form a partnership with us, and that relationship has been pivotal to NNU’s strategy for engaging the local community. This partnership has endured, and it is now time for us to step up and express our gratitude to our partner, 670 KBOI.”

It is with appreciation for the distinctiveness and added value this collaboration makes at Northwest Nazarene University, and in recognition of the contribution to the spirit of cooperation between community and the University, that Northwest Nazarene University is pleased to present 670 KBOI with the 2016 Eugene Emerson Award.