5 ways NNU is growing

Last Updated 26 January, 2015

NNU is 100 years old, but young at heart

Last year, NNU celebrated its 100 birthday. There were hundreds of balloons, cars parked in the field house, awards for notable alumni, and rootbeer floats. Out from the core of this celebration came a new vision for the future of NNU. We’re starting our second century with progressive academic initiatives like NNU Online, an expansion to our academic core jump-started by a $2,250,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

NNU’s Learning Commons serves Starbucks and ultra-fast Internet

You likely know that there’s a new Learning Commons on campus. The building has smart TVs for idea sharing in group meeting rooms, modular whiteboards for impromptu brainstorming, comfortable furniture, and plenty of study space. But among these wonderful features is another key technological advancement that few people talk about: the building touts an ultra-fast gigabit ethernet network. You think WiFi can be fast, grab a CAT-6 cable, plug your laptop into the wall, and check your download speeds.

NNU teaches courses that didn’t exist a generation ago

Try Machine Learning and Data Mining (COMP4330) on for size. Popular culture wasn’t even thinking about classes like this until Watson beat the two winningest Jeopardy champions ever.

NNU undergrad students do crop surveys with drones

Before all the publicity around Amazon’s proposal to deliver packages via unmanned drone, NNU students were devising ways to conduct agricultural crop surveys using drones. Check out this article published by the Idaho Statesman where undergraduate engineering students talk about how their machines can “alert growers to crop diseases, inadequate moisture content and a host of other problems.” This student program highlights the involvement of undergraduate students in research projects and the real-word experience they can get in our engineering program.

NNU’s international reputation is expanding

This year, NNU conferred an honorary degree on Reverend Ki-Dong Han during a university chapel service. Through acts like this, NNU continues to grow international relationships with life-long leaders in the Nazarene church and destinations like Korea Nazarene University. NNU supports the Nazarene church and its international relationships through resources produced by NNU’s Wesley Center, and by recognizing the profound impact alumni international ministers, and missionaries have on the world.