10 college services to utilize

Last Updated 18 May, 2015

by Alex Reich, Class of 2016

When making a decision about what college to attend, it’s important to consider more than the academic majors a school offers. Remember to examine the supplementary services available to students—those may make the difference between collegiate failure and achievement. Here are some often overlooked services NNU offers to help students find success.

1. Tutors - Struggling with a class? Here’s a free tip: Get help from a student who aced the class before you. Tutors are available for all the general education courses, as well as a few other, through the Center for Academic Success and Advising. Seriously. Need assistance with math? There’s a tutor for that. Stuck in theology? There’s a tutor for that too. Tutors are an excellent way to keep GPA’s heading in a direction mom and dad will love.

2. Health and Wellness Center - The Wellness Center is here to promote and develop emotional and physical health throughout the student body. From the Peer Health Educators (PHEs) who facilitate health education outreach programs, to the free counseling with on-campus licensed counselors, the Wellness Center aims to make the campus community a healthier, safer and more enjoyable environment for all. While it’s tough to beat the healing power of mom’s kisses, the Wellness Center does its best to make sure students are always the picture of health.

3. TMR - Technology and Media Resources (TMR) offers computer technical support and audio/visual services to the NNU campus. That’s fancy talk for, “These people will take care of all the students' technology needs.”

4. Campus Safety - Safety is taken seriously at NNU, and Campus Safety is here to make sure the community is completely safe for students 24/7, 365 … literally.

5. Gym - This is a big one. Each student has free access to the Johnson Sports Center where they can release their wiggles in a variety of different ways. Studies have shown that brain activity and development are boosted by physical activity, so not only is exercise good for the body, it’s also good for the brain.

6. Bookstore - The campus bookstore offers a wide variety of scholarly essentials, ranging from fancy pens and pencils to NNU-themed car stickers. Here students will find everything they need to excel in the classroom. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the can’t-miss sales.

7. Career Center - The Career Center exists to serve students in all kinds of ways that are all aimed at helping students better prepare for life after graduation. Some of the services offered are resume and cover letter workshops, mock interviews and career planning meetings. Perhaps the most lucrative service found at the Career Center is the job board, where both on-campus and off-campus jobs are posted; that way students aren’t stuck digging through seat cushions in order to find money for laundry.

8. SGA/Community - One of the things that sets NNU apart from other schools is the strong sense of community found on campus. There is an abundance of friendly faces, warm smiles and fun events throughout the year, and the Student Government Association (SGA) plays a big part in that. SGA plans class-specific events with the intent of bringing the entire student body closer together.

9. Academic Advising - Our CASA (Center for Academic Success and Advising) is your casa. For incoming freshman, a schedule is handcrafted by the advising office that is designed to fit each student’s needs. Each semester after that, students will meet with their academic advisors who serve as professional experts to guide students towards degree completion. Advisors take time to get to know a student’s goals, experiences and personality, so that an appropriate educational plan can be created. Not only does CASA provide advising and scheduling assistance, it also exists as the source for disability services, academic support and testing.

10. Post Office - One of the best ways to cure homesickness is to send gifts from home. The NNU Post Office serves as the middleman, making sure all the mail, care packages and goodie bags get to the right students. Here students are also able to send letters home, thanking their parents for all the support, love and tuition payments they have provided.

NNU offers much more than an education and a degree. With services like these, students will succeed in every endeavor they pursue inside and outside the classroom.