Nighthawks Leadership Summit

Nighthawks Leadership Summit

Thursday, February 28

Are you interested in growing as a leader? Throughout your life, there will be many opportunities to demonstrate leadership, be it in your workplace, your school, your family, or your community. At Northwest Nazarene University, we believe that any person can leverage their abilities, interests, and personality to be an effective leader in any situation. High school students, join us for a one-day leadership conference that will prepare you to grow in whatever leadership role you face next.

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What is it?

This one-day conference at NNU will consist of various learning experiences and environments which will prompt students to learn through verbal and written reflection, lecture, personal conversations, and small group interactions. Students will network with and learn from leaders within our community to better understand their own leadership capacity and to develop their own philosophy of leadership.

What does the summit offer?

Included in the summit fee are meals throughout the day, conference materials, and a tee shirt. This summit can also be taken for college credit through NNU's Concurrent Credit program. Participation fees for college credit will vary based on the student's high school status. For more information on the requirements for credit, please view the syllabus for the course.

What can you learn?

At the end of the summit, we hope that students will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss ways they are personally involved in leadership initiatives
  • Identify the key traits and habits of a successful leader
  • Identify their own personal strengths and talents related to their own leadership skills
  • Be empowered to engage in a further or more developed leadership role in their current educational context
  • Explain their personal “philosophy of leadership”

For more information, please download the schedule, and take a look at the summit syllabus.