Nighthawk Brand Guidelines


Northwest Nazarene University is entering a new era in its long athletic (not sure we should state that this is athletic related?) history by adopting a new mascot: the nighthawk. This manual will help NNU make the transition to a new visual identity with our fans, supporters, and others by providing easy to follow guidelines. These guidelines will create a consistent identity that all constituents will begin to associate with the longstanding and respected brand of NNU.

Who are the Nighthawks?

The Nighthawk is the perfect symbol to take NNU into the next century as it represents the university’s assets of location, size, and community. Nighthawks are indigenous to the Northwest. This bird as a symbol of NNU adheres to the university’s strong ties to its location and the culture of the Northwest. The Nighthawk is a small, stealthy hunter that embodies the power of character, a strong will, and brains over size. When feeding or migrating, Nighthawks are known to gather in large flocks. Like NNU, they find success by working together toward a common goal.

Rationale for Visual Coherence

Coherence is a systematic connection or consistency. Using the NNU Nighthawks identity coherently is essential to successfully adopting this new mascot in the minds of university constituents. Coherent use of the Nighthawks identity will also support NNU’s efforts to expand our audiences for the purposes of student and athlete recruitment and community identification with NNU and support of NNU

Using the various Nighthawks and athletic logomarks and variants according to the guidelines presented in this digital manual will protect NNU’s visual identity and benefit all groups working to promote the university’s interests. Using the logomarks in ways outside the recommendations of this guide will erode the strength of the marks and weaken the connection between the Nighthawks mascot and the institution.


The Nighthawk logomark joins the existing athletic logomark to create a complete identity. The logomark is made up of the graphic depiction of the nighthawk (logo) and the word Nighthawks rendered in its distinctive typeface (wordmark). The elements of the logomark may be used independently in various circumstances. The complete logomark is also commonly used with the full university name.

Nighthawks Logomark

Nighthawks Primary Logo

Nighthawks Secondary Logo

Nighthawks Wordmark

Nighthawk Primary Logomark

Nighthawk Secondary Logomark

Nighthawk Primary Logo with University Name

Nighthawk Secondary Logomark with University Name

NNU’s existing athletic logo has been refined for continued use alone and in conjunction with the Nighthawks logomark. The Athletic Shield logo consists of the graphic depiction of the letters NNU. Occasionally, the Athletic Shield logo appears as a complete logomark with the full university name (wordmark). The Athletic Shield can also be combined with the Nighthawk logo.

Athletic Shield Logomark

Athletic Shield Logo

Athletic Shield with Wordmark (Did we decide to drop this one?)

Athletic Shield with Nighthawk logo

At times, the Nighthawk logomark will need to be combined with specific sport names to uniquely represent NNU’s various teams.

Team specific marks

Samples of several team specific applications (Working on these)

All the Nighthawk and Athletic Shield marks must be used according to the guidelines available in under the Applying the Identity (include link) tab of this digital style guide.


Associating specific typefaces with the athletic visual identity will help to bring coherence to documents and marketing materials where the logomarks are used. Consistent use of Nighthawks’ typefaces also ensures coherence in design, visual messaging, and legibility across communications. Using the identified typefaces with and around the Nighthawks logomarks will also help more quickly establish our new visual identity in the minds of our constituents.

Nighthawk Serif

The Nighthawks wordmark uses a custom typeface called (Bartlett/Nighthawk Serif/?? Zicklett, Bartlefoose, Miort, Goatsucker, Neue Flight). This font speaks to the speed, agility, and fierceness of the NNU Nighthawk. It is bold and unique and fluid. The word Nighthawks as part of the logomark or as the wordmark appears in this font. Other uses are reserved for specific applications such as uniforms. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Media if you would like to request a usage of Nighthawk Serif.


The complementing typeface to Nighthawk Serif is Avenir. In French avenir means future, and this font suits the spirit of NNU because of its organic forward looking design that still acknowledges history and tradition. This typeface is used when the university name appears with the logomark. Avenir is a readily available font, and you are encouraged to use it whenever possible to support the Nighthawks identity in surrounding text. Avenir is suitable in letters, document and marketing materials or on apparel and products.


Like typefaces, consistent use of specific colors on and with the logomarks creates coherency. The colors of the Nighthawks logomark and Athletic Shield Logo are red, black, grey and white. Specifically, the shades of these colors according to the standard Pantone Matching System are as follows:

  • Red, PMS 200C
  • Black, PMS Pantone Black C
  • Grey, PMS 423C
  • White, PMS Pantone White

While the variants of the logomark and athletic logo should only use the red, black, grey, and white color scheme in various applications, these supporting accent colors are acceptable choices to use around the logomark and athletic logo when variety is necessary.

Please contact the NNU Office of Marketing and Media if you wish to use other colors in conjunction with the Nighthawks logomark or Athletic Shield logo.