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Hundreds of families like yours afford an NNU education every year.

NNU students come from all economic backgrounds.

economic chart

Family income for 2018-2019 NNU students.

So…how much is the NNU sticker price?


$30,550 Tuition & Fees

$7,990 Room & Board

2018-19 Tuition Comparison

Avg. 4 Year Private College

Yes, that's a lot of money

Let's compare the sticker price to the actual cost:


That number is the

sticker price

Admittedly that is a big and scary number! But for most NNU families, it's not the number they actually pay.

Let's take a look at how we can

Lighten Your Load

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First, let's subtract scholarships. As much as $16,000 (based on merit).

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Now, let's lighten your load some more with grants. As much as $12,000 (based on need).

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Finally, let's subtract loans. As much as $5,500 (federal loans).

Sounds great, but what will my actual cost be?

Short answer

Every student is unique.

While the actual cost of NNU is unique to each family, based on merit, levels of need, and other levels of eligibility, the average financial aid award for incoming students this year (2018-19) was $27,822.



In the fall of 2018, 99.6%of first time NNU students received scholarships and/or grants.That's money that doesn't need to be repaid, ever!

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Sure, you can lighten my load now, but doesn't that mean I'll graduate with $100,000 or more of debt?



is the average federal loan debt among our most recent NNU graduates who borrow.

That's a long way from the outrageous amounts frequently reported in the news.

The reality is
that 25% of NNU students graduate with absolutely NO DEBT at all!


That still feels like a heavy load to be pulling around. How will I repay that?


NNU grads are prepared for success. Which means NNU grads are able to pay back their loans.

Check out the national loan default rates among college grads:


3.2% pie graph 3.2%

Private Colleges

7.4% pie graph 7.4%

Public Universities

11.3% pie graph 11.3%

The load is a lot lighter than you thought, right?

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