Women's Lacrosse

NNU's club sports program offers students an opportunity to play at a more competitive level than intramural sports. Our focus is a balanced student-athlete experience at NNU that involves academics, fun, and healthy competition. NNU's club sports program is sponsored by the university, led by head coach Lead by Head Coach, Jeff Einfalt and competes against club teams from other universities all over the Northwest.

Practices are held weekly and games are scheduled to not interfere with classes, so students never have to compromise their schedules to play. They will either take place on Finkbeiner Field beside Ford Hall or on the new NNU turf field. NNU's lacrosse club team is joining the Northwest Women's Lacrosse League (NWWLL) with teams from Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Idaho. We are open to all levels of NNU students, regardless of lacrosse experience.

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Jeff Einfalt

Jeff Einfalt

Jeff has been active in Idaho and Colorado lacrosse communities since 2008 where he achieved success at the youth, high school and collegiate level. Since 2016, he has served as Head Coach of the Durango, Colorado women’s high school team. Prior to his job relocation that sent him to Colorado, Einfalt was immersed in the Boise women’s lacrosse community as the head coach of the Boise State University women’s lacrosse team and the Rocky Mountain High School’s Varsity team. He was also the girl’s program director for the local youth league.


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Do you know someone who’s interested in attending NNU and playing on our clublacrosse or soccer teams? We are open to all levels of NNU students (regardless of lacrosse or soccer experience and the division's collegiate eligibility rules are NOT applicable if you are finished with your varsity experience). If you have any questions or are interested in signing up, please contact Lance Howard at lancehoward@nnu.edu or (208) 467-8610.

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